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Frequently Asked Questions and Testimonials

How does the process work?
An initial assessment is made with clients as to the issues they are bringing along, and what it is they want from the therapeutic process. We would then look at goals for treatment and have some thoughts as to how long the process may take for them.

What about confidentialty?
Clients details automatically stay confidentially with me unless someone is at risk of harm, especially a child.

How much does a session cost?
All types of sessions cost from £85 for the hour, payable by BACS at the end of each session. For overseas clients there is a fee of 120 Euros. For the Super Rich client base there is a £500 fee for the hour because of the complexity of this therapy, and that also helps subsidise the charitable cases I work with. This practice has no connections with Harley Street, so ensuring anonymity. Trauma work has been proven to reduce therapy sessions required and it's results last. Many clients utilise a mixture of regular and trauma based work to get the best results for them.

What is the frequency of sessions?
They are usually weekly but can be fortnightly dependent on a clients needs. Most clients attend from 6 to around 20 sessions. A one-off session is also available to talk through a particular concern a client may be carrying and not wish to share with family or friends
If a treatment plan is being worked through for sexual dysfunctions there may be monthly reviews included as the end point is being reached.

Are missed appointments/cancellations charged for?
48 hours notice are required to allow me to fill the missed sessions. Less of a notice period is charged for.

Do you provide reports and/or letters for clients?
Reports and letters are written on request at a charge of £125 & £90 per item.

Best sex ever and I'm in my 70's! Jo has helped me discover who I am, my needs and preferences and how to communicate them! Pat

For 10 years I suffered with vaginismus. To find such an incredible person who is passionate about helping people like me with this condition is a rarity indeed. Not only has Jo managed to unscramble my brain, she helped me unlock and overcome anxiety I never knew I had. Sex was an impossibility for me before I came to Jo. Since my sessions I've managed to obtain a peaceful mind, find my soulmate and be as intimate as I like with him, and it feels amazing! Jo, who you have done for me is incredible and I cannot thank you enough, you're amazing at what you do and I'm really happy I came to you! Sammy

I never thought Therapy would be for me, but I knew I needed help. Google turned up Jo and she looked right. So I plucked up courage and gave her a call. She put me at ease straight away. The sessions were incredibly helpful and after a relatively short period of time, I found out who I am and why I am who I am. A very enlightening experience which has set me up for a positive future. Jo is a rare talent. R.T.

Before I entered into Therapy, I was at my wits end with everything. With Jo's help and expertise, however, I have been able to positively resurrect my life whilst acknowledging that feelings come and go. A pleasure to recommend to others! C.I.P.

Jo helped me to overcome Vaginismus - in a couple of sessions! I used to find it very difficult to have penetrative sex - it hurt as I froze and didn't know how to relax. With Jo's help I fully overcame the anxiety associated with penetrative sex. In fact, not only did I overcome the anxiety, I now enjoy penetrative sex. Thank you Jo!

My details are also shown on the BACP, EMDR UK and COSRT therapist directories and the Counselling Directory, all to be found online.

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